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Oleg Serebrian about Congress in Tiraspol: It is an operation to mask problems

Tiraspol aims to make Chisinau responsible for all the social and economic problems existing in the Transnistrian region, said Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration Oleg Serebrian, referring to the congress of so-called deputies of all levels, which was held in Tiraspol on Wednesday. The official noted that the congress was organized to show the inhabitants of the region that things are going wrong due to the alleged economic blockade generated by Chisinau, IPN notes.

According to Oleg Serebrian, the messages transmitted during the congress held in Tiraspol are primarily intended for the citizens of the Transnistrian region. The separatist leaders from the left bank of the Nistru want to shift responsibility for all the economic problems experienced by the region onto Chisinau.

“It is clearly an operation to mask the problems that the Tiraspol regime has in relation to the citizens of the Transnistrian region. Things are going badly economically and socially and they need an explanation for the citizens of the region and this explanation is that the mother of all evils is in Chisinau, and they are doing badly because of these customs duties. Together with the Russian aggression against Ukraine, the Transnistrian section of the Moldovan-Ukrainian border was closed and their situation became even more precarious. But the blame lies with the Russian Federation, which started this war. First of all, the message is addressed to the increasingly disappointed citizens of the Transnistrian region,” Deputy Prime Minister Serebrian stated in an interview for Euronews Romania.

He noted that after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, more and more citizens of the Transnistrian region apply for Moldovan citizenship. The official has doubts that after yesterday’s call by Tiraspol, the Kremlin will decide to recognize the region’s independence.

“I talk to the people there. They are all beginning to understand that the future of this region is only as part of the Republic of Moldova. 90% of the citizens of the Transnistrian region are citizens of the Republic of Moldova. The process of applying for Moldovan citizenship accelerated after February 24, 2022. In the Transnistrian region, as in the rest of the Republic of Moldova, multiple citizenship is allowed. Many people have Ukrainian passports, like Ignatiev, the so-called foreign minister. There are Bulgarian, Romanian citizens there. Many are nationals of three countries simultaneously. I don’t think there are any options for Putin to say that the Russian Federation recognizes the independence of the Transnistrian region. Their independence, in more than 30 years, hasn’t been recognized by anyone,” said Oleg Serebrian.

The resolution of the congress of so-called deputies of all levels from the Transnistrian region provides that Russia’s Federation Council and State Duma will be requested to protect Transnistria in the face of increasing pressure coming from Chisinau.

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