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Ovarian tumor weighing 25 kg removed at Balti Hospital

Doctors of the Balti Clinical Hospital performed surgery to remove an ovarian tumor weighing about 25 kg. The 54-year old patient from Briceni district suffered because of the giant tumor as this surrounded her abdomen, deformed her thorax and displaced her liver, IPN reports.

Oncologist-gynecologist Ludmila Balan said the patient came herself for a consultation. The large rumor was detected as a result of examinations. “The surgery was risky and we weren’t sure the tumor can be fully removed. There was also a very big anesthetic danger. However, owing to the coordinated cooperation between the doctors who operated and the team of anesthesiologists-reanimatologists, we managed to save the woman. The surgery lasted for about three hours. Recovery went smooth, without complications,” stated the doctor.

Gynecologist Petru Nedelchuk noted that during his 35 years’ medical experience, he hadn’t met with such large tumors and such cases were usually directed to Chisinau. “This time, we assumed the risk to operate at our hospital and, owing to the professionalism of the team, we today discuss this successful case,” he stated.

The patient received post-surgery treatment and is to be discharged from the hospital.

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