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Over 2,400 firearms seized by police in 2023

As many as 2,450 firearms, 57 of which were held illegally, were seized by the police in 2023. In this connection, the General Police Inspectorate provided clarification about the type and number of arms a person can own, IPN reports.

Thus, only gun collectors and shooting athletes can own an unlimited number of weapons. In the latter case, the owners must prove that they need the arms for training or participation in sports competitions.

A person can also be authorized to acquire and possess a maximum of two short rifled firearms (revolver or pistol), a maximum of two long rifled firearms of different barrel sizes and a maximum of eight long smoothbore firearms.

Police require gun owners not to carry guns with them while intoxicated, not to carry guns at gatherings or other mass events, not to allow family members, relatives, guests or other persons to use their arms, and not to leave guns in bags, cars or other places without supervision.

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