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Parliament intends to regulate work of real estate agents

The legislative body intends to regulate the work of real estate agents and also of real estate agencies. According to PAS MP Marina Morozova, there is a bill in this regard, which was consulted with most of the state institutions and also with real estate agents. One of the provisions of the draft law says that real estate agents will receive a license after attending a professional training course, IPN reports.

During public consultations with real estate agents and representatives of real estate agencies, Marina Morozova said that the bill also provides for the creation of an electronic register of real estate agents. Each real estate agent will have a personal code, which will help the consumer identify this through the contracts they will sign. The draft law also refers to the dropping of the status of real estate agent. The provisions come to protect the consumer.

Andrei Batrînac, the representative of a real estate agency, said that it is necessary to regulate the job of real estate agent because anyone in Moldova can today work as a real estate agent, even if they don’t have a registered company and aren’t registered as taxpayers. No one controls the level of professionalism and ethics required of a real estate agent.

Sergiu Arhirii, division head at the State Tax Inspectorate, said that the real estate market is developing. The real estate agencies and real estate agents intensify their activities whether they are registered as entrepreneurs or not. The relationship between the client and the service provider is defined by a contract that, as a rule, is left in the drawer, without being included in the accounting records and presented to the authorities. In 2023, he examined several complaints about the provision of services without issuing receipts. The checks confirmed these violations. As a solution, it would be good to have records at least of the implemented contracts.

In the previous discussions with real estate agents, none of these had a cash register and mobile control.

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