PDM files documents to CEC. Dumitru Diacov absent from list

The Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM) submitted the documents for being registered as a contender in the snap parliamentary elections of July 11 to the Central Election Commission. The party’s list of candidates for MP does not include the president of honor of the PDM Dumitru Diacov. The leader of the PDM Pavel Filip said Dumitru Diacov decided himself to withdraw and his decision is respected by his party mates, IPN reports.

“He informed the National Political Council about this. He said he will make such a gesture and will withdraw in favor of a representative from the local level,” noted Pavel Filip. He also said that the PDM’s list includes people who can make a difference, who understand what a view for Moldova means and who will not allow to be lured only by populist statements.

The Democratic leader stated the PDM didn’t hurry to file the documents for registration as they aimed to first finish all the internal consultations. “I would like a struggle of ideas, of views for Moldova, not only harsh statements, criticism and a lot of dirt in this campaign. The PDM took the first step and will enter this campaign with a country plan on which the electoral program will be based. I would like other political parties to also come up with a plan and a view for the country,” said Pavel Filip.

He expressed his confidence that the PDM will be present in the next Parliament and will ensure a majority that will make the European course of Moldova irreversible. This conviction is generated by the current internal measurements and discussions. The parties that share the European idea should have combined forces. As this didn’t happen, the PDM will run alone in these elections.

According to Pavel Filip, the election campaign of the PDM will be financed with money obtained in accordance with the law on party funding. They also bank on donations. A fundraising campaign is to be launched soon.

So far, seven parties have applied to be registered as election runners. The election campaign for each candidate starts when they are registered as election runners.

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