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Pension arrears before Easter. Alexei Buzu: It’s due to a technical problem at Poșta Moldovei

There were pension arrears in Moldova before the Easter holidays. On Friday, May 3, some of the pensioners returned from the offices of “Poșta Moldovei” (“Moldova’s Post Office”) without receiving their money. The Minister of Labor and Social Protection said the arrears were due to a technical problem encountered by “Poșta Moldovei”. Moreover, Alexei Buzu said that no resources have been identified so far for new pension increases, but the problem of small pensions remains in the focus of the authorities, IPN reports.

The minister admitted that some of the pensioners didn’t receive their pensions on Friday before Easter due to a technical glitch in the operational system of “Poșta Moldovei”. He assured that the problem was solved in a few days and all the pensioners have already collected their money.

“It goes to pensioners who pick up their pension from the post office. It was a technical problem internally, which the fellows from “Poșta Moldovei” remedied. According to the data we possess, already all the pensioners have managed to get their pension. We apologize for this inconvenience. For us it is important that pensions be paid on time and at CNAS there is a very clear schedule for paying pensions. We make sure that every month, in due time, all pensioners collect their pension. Now we had this problem. We understand that it was quite a sensitive period. We apologize once again to all those who had to come a second time to collect their pension. Any pensioner who came to collect the pension and could not do it is a problem for us. We made effort to mobilize all the necessary resources to remedy the problem in the shortest time,” Alexei Buzu stated in the talk show “Resumé” on RliveTV channel.

Alexei Buzu said that, for now, it is not known whether or not a new increase in pensions was planned for the summer budget amendment exercise. The authorities are aware of the need to increase pensions, but this requires considerable financial resources that the state doesn’t have.

“When we identify the necessary sources for any support program for retirees, we will communicate this. We are concerned about this. Now I cannot say what we will do when the budget is amended because we have over 680,000 pensioners in the Republic of Moldova so that any support measure requires significant resources. We seek to identify these resources, when we will be ready and will have the resources, we will certainly inform about this,” said the minister.

On April 1 this year, pensions in Moldova were indexed by 6%. After indexation, the minimum pension for pensioners with a full contribution period is 2,778 lei.

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