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Pensions are higher. Minimum pension for full contribution period is 2,778 lei

As from April 1, the pensions are higher. As a result of the 6% indexation, the minimum pension for people with a full contribution period will be 2,778 lei, whereas the average pension increases to 3,926 lei, IPN reports.

If the amount of the pension calculated in accordance with the law is lower than the amount of the minimum pension for the category concerned, the difference between these amounts, in the form of a solidarity supplement, will be covered with state budget funds. The solidarity supplement is a non-indexable component of the pension. It varies annually depending on the indexation and augmentation of the calculated pension and the evolution of the minimum pension.

The minimum disability pension will be 2,083.40 lei for severe disability, 1,944.50 lei for accentuated disability and 1,388.93 lei for moderate disability.

According to data of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, the indexation of pensions will affect 679,900 be persons, including 528,600 recipients of old-age pensions and 98,800 recipients of disability pensions.

Also, starting with April 1, the minimum guaranteed monthly income is indexed by 4.2%. After indexation, it will amount to 1634 lei for an adult and 1,700 lei for a child. The guaranteed minimum monthly income is used to determine the social welfare. According to forecasts, about 25,000 disadvantaged families will monthly benefit from social assistance in 2024. The average size of the benefit is 2,400 lei.

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