Petru Frunze: We do not have differing views inside party on justice sector reform

Society wants the persons involved in high-profile cases to be condemned immediately, but this is not possible. For correct justice, all the procedures need to be respected or those involved can win cases at the ECHR and damages are paid from the state budget, said PAS MP Petru Frunze. According to him, the justice sector reform has lasted longer than the government anticipated as the system puts up resistance to the changes, IPN reports.

The MP of the Party of Action and Solidarity Pentru Frunze said the government came to power with a powerful message concerning the reformation of the justice sector, but this process is a long-lasting one. The cleanup of the system started with pre-vetting, which will ensure the Superior Council of Magistracy and the Superior Council of Prosecutors are formed only of professionals and upright persons.

“A part of society considers that what we do is right. Another part considers we should hurry up. Society wants the persons who were involved in criminal activities to be convicted immediately. But this cannot happen as justice is done based on evidence and on legal procedures. If we hurry up, the Republic of Moldova can later be convicted by the ECHR and can be obliged to pay damages. That’s why when it goes to justice, things should take place slower, but with an end result for the benefit of the state. The PAS has a clear view on the justice sector reform and we do not have differing views on this inside the party. But there is resistance inside the system. Some of the prosecutors, judges make effort for this government to be discredited,” Petru Frunze stated in the program “Reflection Points” on Vocea Basarabiei channel.

The MP said that progress has been made in the field of illegal party funding, but the government waits for definitive convictions and for the confiscated money to be transferred to the state budget.

“As to the justice system, problems are witnessed here, but we will yet see that the judiciary will do its job as regards the identification of parties that are financed with foreign funds and we saw that money that was offered illegally for financing particular political parties was confiscated and we hope a lot that these criminal cases that were started will have an end result. We hope to have convictions and, surely, to have this money confiscated for the benefit of the state,” noted Pentru Frunze.
In November 2022, the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office announced that the police seized over 4 million lei that was found during searches following suspicions that the Shor Party was funded illegally.

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