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Petru Hadârcă: My request is to invest more in culture, education, and medicine

The Moldovan- Romanian cooperation in the cultural sector should be a priority for all the governments, actor and stage director Petru Hadârcă, director general of “Mihai Eminescu” National Theater in Chisinau, stated in a public debate centering on the issue, which was hosted by IPN News Agency.

According to him, the cultural integration of the two Romanian banks should prevail. “I warned all the rulers to leave this approach according to which we integrate economically first and then culturally aside. My request is to invest more in culture, education, and medicine. If money is invested to maintain a professor, teacher, artist, believe me we will have more money to invest in the building sector and in infrastructure,” noted Petru Hadârcă.

In this connection, the director general of “Mihai Eminescu” National Theater said that if the state invests in culture, the level of society will grow. “When the budget for next year is agreed, culture should not be ignored. Invest in theater, cinematography, education and believe me we will grow more economically. We will have a much more educated society,” said Petru Hadârcă.

According to the actor, the remuneration of the people of arts is modest, but there is openness to solve the related problems. Petru Hadârcă is sure that Romania is a reliable partner in developing culture, but the lesson of history should be learned.

“Some of the expectations already produced nice results and I think that in the future, if we do not ignore the lessons of history, we will come closer to the civilized world. We had profiteer politicians here and in Bucharest and haven’t yet solved the problem of the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact and are far from the Baltic States that are already in NATO. We should not commit the same mistakes,” stated the actor.

The public debate entitled “Moldovan-Romanian cooperation in cultural sector, opened opportunities” was staged in the framework of the project “Double integration through cooperation and information”, which is implemented by IPN News Agency with support from the Department for the Relationship with the Republic of Moldova of the Government of Romania. The content of this article does not represent the official position of the Department for the Relationship with the Republic of Moldova.

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