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Premier Recean to entrepreneurs from Gagauzia: You are Government’s partners in development of country and creation of jobs at home

The businesspeople, including those from the Administrative Territorial Unit of Gagauzia, are the main partners of the Government in the economic development of the country and creation of jobs at home, Prime Minister Dorin Recean said, addressing a group of entrepreneurs from Gagauzia in a meeting with them, organized by the Next Gagauz Businessmen’s Association in partnership with the European Business Association (EBA). The event held in Congaz commune centered on the Government’s support for businesspeople across the country, solutions to the obstacles they face and reforms oriented towards economic growth, IPN reports.

“We are building Europe at home to provide our citizens with better living conditions and high-quality services, and the businesspeople are the Government’s main partners in the country’s economic development and creation of job sat home. Our country has the potential to develop various industries. We are supported by foreign partners and we only have to work together for the success of every business launched in our country,” Premier Recean said in Congaz.

The official stressed that the businesspeople from this region are active, create new jobs and contribute to the development of the country. He also referred to the growth and expansion potential of already launched companies in the context of the progress made on the path of integration into the European Union and the benefits offered on this path.

The discussions also centered on the industrialization of agricultural businesses, projects on digitization of public services and the importance of increasing the Republic of Moldova’s investment attractiveness, including by ensuring mobility throughout the country.

Congaz is a commune in the Autonomous Territorial Unit of Gagauzia of the Republic of Moldova. It has a population of 11,000 inhabitants and a length of 8 km.

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