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President of Moldovan-Dutch foundation “Save Street Children” convicted of swindle

The president of the Moldovan-Dutch foundation “Save Street Children” was sentenced for swindle and influence peddling. The criminal cases featuring her were started in 2017 by the National Anticorruption Center based on denouncements made by persons from whom different sums of money were asked, even €38,000, IPN reports.

The Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office said that the culprit in 2014 obtained €500 in loan from a denouncer by swindle and abuse of trust as if for obtaining documents for selling a lot that belonged to her from the Chisinau City Hall, without intending to repay the loan. In the period, on the same pretext, she borrowed €38,000 from the denouncer and later a sum of €3,000 for influencing judges to take a decision favorable to the denouncer’s son in a civil lawsuit.

Recently, the Buiucani Court sentenced the woman to eight years in jail, banning her from holding particular posts for a period of five years. In the second case, she will not serve the jail term given that the statute of limitations has passed.

Until the judgment becomes final, the woman cannot leave the country. The sentence can be challenged in the Chisinau Appeals Court within 15 days.

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