Resolution of European Moldova Assembly gives a mandate to political class, expert

The Resolution adopted at the European Moldova Assemblylast Sunday is a political document of great moral importance, which gives trust and a mandate to the political class, the President, the Parliament and the Government to implement the ideas stipulated in the Resolution by concrete normative documents, former Constitutional Court judge Nicolae Osmochescu stated for IPN, referring to the documented voted unanimously by the over 75,000 participants in the event held in central Chisinau.

“It is a very important and serious document as it is the expression of the absolute majority of people and of those who took part in the Assembly in the name of the majority of people. Yes, it is primarily a political document that for now does not have legal force. But it is a document that gives a mandate and trust to the political class and the government to implement the ideas stipulated in Resolution by concrete normative documents,” said Nicolae Osmochescu.

According to him, by the Resolution the citizens called on the political class, all the current parties and politicians and all those who will decide the country’s fate in the future to amend the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova to establish the accession of the Republic of Moldova to the European Union as irreversible and definitive. This common aspiration of the citizens must be fulfilled by all political actors in the Republic of Moldova.

“It is noted this moment – that Parliament, the state institutions should start the procedure for amending the Constitution so as to stipulate the European integration of the Republic of Moldova as a foreign policy priority,” stated the constitutional expert.

This way, by this Resolution, the President, the parliamentary majority, the Government are mandated to put forward legislative initiatives by which to initiate the amendment of the Constitution.

By the Resolution adopted at the European Moldova Assembly, the over 75,000 participants in the rally ask to establish the European integration desideratum in the Constitution, to open the accession negotiations and to improve the citizens’ quality of life.

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