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Right to drive will be suspended for exceeding speed limit by 40 km/h

The motorists who will exceed the speed limit by over 40 km/h will be banned from driving for a period of 30 to 180 days. The right to drive will also be suspended if the imposition of the main punishment leads to the accumulation of 15 penalty points. The suspension decision will be taken by the ascertaining agent, as a bill to amend the Contravention Code and the Pena Code provides, IPN reports.

The right to impose the suspension penalty will now belong to the head and deputy heads of the National Public Security Inspectorate and to the heads of the Inspectorate’s regionally de-concentrated subdivisions. The courts of law usually conduct a contravention trial during over 12 months. As a result, it is impossible to impose the complementary penalty for the reason that the period of six months of the ascertaining of the contravention for which the first penalty points are applied expires.

Under the bill, the drivers could be penalized for the ascertained contraventions through the agency of technical means. This way, the owner of the vehicle by which a contravention was committed will be held accountable if the person who committed the violation cannot be identified.

About 280,000 contraventions were ascertained through technical means in 2020. Out of these, 30,000 were examined, while the rest remained unexamined. In 60 workdays of the receipt of the police request, the vehicle owner will be penalized if this refuses to make known the identity of the person who was allowed to drive the vehicle.

Also, the motorcycles will be included in the legislation as a category of units of transport so that those who commit violations of the road traffic regulations with such vehicles could be held accountable.

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