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Russia declares employee of Moldova’s Embassy in Moscow persona non grata

The Russian Federation declared an employee of the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in Moscow persona non grata, Moldova’s Ambassador Lilian Darii informed after being summoned to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Russian side noted that the decision was taken in response to the declaring of a representative of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Chisinau persona non grata, IPN reports.

Amador Lilian Darii was told about a decisive protest in connection with the continuous unfriendly steps taken by Chisinau with regard to Russia. He was familiarized with the Russian Ministry’s note specifying the measure of response to the decision taken by the Moldovan authorities on April 19, which Moscow considers unfounded.

The Russian side also informed that a number of Moldovan officials were banned access to the Russian Federation in response to the anti-Russia statements they made regularly and also in response to Chisinau’s decision to subscribe to the European Union’s sanctions against Russian citizens.

On April 19, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration declared a representative of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Chisinau persona non grata, obliging this to leave the Republic of Moldova. The decision that was taken “for actions that are incompatible with the diplomatic status, in accordance with the provisions of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations (1961)” was communicated to Russia’s Ambassador in Chisinau Oleg Vasnetsov.

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