Russia’s Ambassador to Moldova summoned to MFAEI

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration (MFAEI) invited the Russian Federation’s Ambassador to Moldova Oleg Vasnetsov for informing him about the Moldovan authorities’ decision concerning the inappropriate behavior shown by two functionaries of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the context of the intention of the Head of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov to enter the Republic of Moldova, the Government’s spokesman Daniel Vodă informed in a news conference after the Cabinet’s meeting.

He noted that the announcement made by Prime Minister Dorin Recean in connection with the withdrawal of the accreditation cards from two functionaries of the Embassy of the Russian Federation refers to the inappropriate behavior of the two over the prevention of the Head of Tatarstan from entering Moldova.

“The Premier noted that the inappropriate behavior of foreign functionaries with regard to our authorities is not tolerated. Respectively, the announcement he made refers to the fact that these functionaries of the Embassy of the Russian Federation will be striped of the cards that allow access to the Chisinau International Airport. Furthermore, the Premier pointed out the necessity of considering declaring an official of the Embassy of the Russian Federation persona non-grata following this inappropriate behavior,” said Daniel Vodă.

He reminded that the Border Police clearly explained the reasons based on which such a decision was taken to the persons who were not allowed to enter the country. The ban on entering the Republic of Moldova was based on the fact that the goal of the entry wasn’t clear.

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