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Santa’s Mail waits for letters

Tens of children already sent letters to Santa Claus, asking for the wanted presents on the occasion of the winter holidays. The developments were discussed in the official opening of Santa’s Mail. Most of the letters will yet come.  According to the organizers of the event, the letter should be sent without a stamp, with the mention “For Santa Claus” and with the sender’s address. Each child will receive a present directly from a volunteer of Santa Claus’ Academy, IPN reports.

According to Tatiana Roșca, a volunteer of Santa Claus’ Academy, there were situations when children didn’t get a response as they forgot to write the sender’s address. “Last year we saved such a letter only because there was a stamp with the postcode and the name of the village from which it was sent. The child’s address was found and this received a present. Last year, many such letters were published on Facebook. People came to Santa Claus’ Academy and expressed their wish to be a Santa for their children. Owing to this friendship, we managed to transmit gifts to these children,” she stated.

The volunteer noted that the number of letters is projected to be large this year as children from Ukrainian refugee families are also expected to write such letters. “For now, we received letters from refugee children who stopped in Chisinau and Anenii Noi. We have a whole team of volunteers who help process these letters. Also, the Academy receives letters from children from China, Romania, Russia, Germany, Poland.”

Roman Cojuhari, acting manager of Moldova’s Post Office, said the national postal operator for 11 years has supported this annual campaign. “Any child can compile a letter to Santa Claus and leave it in the mailbox, while Moldova’s Post Office will deliver the letter without delay. For years we have ensured the delivery of tens of thousands of letters to Santa Claus and from Santa Claus. Over 20,000 letters were delivered last year. All the post offices of the country are engaged in the process,” stated the manager.

The project Santa Claus’ Academy is implemented by the Children’s Charitable Foundation “Clipa Siderală”. The Academy was launched in 2001.

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