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Three, two, one, PITCH.MD!

The first edition of PITCH.MD – the national competition for creative content that emphasizes uniting Moldovans, highlights their diversity and aspiration to build a great future together – starts today in the Republic of Moldova.

PITCH.MD is an open competition for experienced creative professionals, digital and social media content creators, producers, filmmakers and all types of artists from across the Republic of Moldova, including Transnistria, who would like to receive support for the development of creative projects, the extension of existing, successful initiatives or improvement of their marketing and technical skills.

Tell your Moldovan stories (in Bulgarian, Gagauz, Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian – or any language spoken in the Republic of Moldova) addressing one of the two topics:

–          “Uniting Moldova”: What are the shared cultural and civic values that unite Moldovans?

–          “The Future of Moldova”: How are we changing the country for the better? What are the economic opportunities?

PITCH.MD welcomes the content in any of the following formats:

– short form content (videos of 1 min-10 min long) for YouTube, TikTok, and any other digital/social media platforms,

– scripted series (which could include animated series),

– non-scripted programs for TV (such as documentaries, reality, discussion, game shows, magazine-type shows, discovery-type shows, comedy show, etc.),

– pilot episodes,

– short films,

– podcasts or audiobooks,

– theatre and performances,

– game development, visual art, XR (extended reality) and VR (virtual reality) projects, interactive content,

– music concerts, art exhibitions or any other in person events.

The international jury of PITCH.MD will identify a minimum of six winners of the competition who will receive all the production development material and services required to produce the submitted idea (depending on the total size and scope of the production).

Please consult the official website for the detailed information and for the application form (the deadline for submission of concepts is September 26th 2022).

PITCH.MD is supported by United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in partnership with the Association of Creative Industries Companies (COR), MEDIACOR and PRIOR MEDIA.

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