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Two aspirants for post of prosecutor general

Two persons aspire to the office of prosecutor general of the Republic of Moldova. These are lawyer Ilie Rotaru and prosecutor Igor Demciucin, who now serves as the deputy of the acting prosecutor general, IPN reports.

Under the regulations on the organization and holding of the contest, the Superior Council of Prosecutors, within 20 workdays of the deadline for submissions, in a closed-door meeting examines the candidates and decided who of them meets the eligibility criteria and sets the date of the interview.

The candidates for the position of prosecutor general must have at least 10 years of professional experience in the field of law in Moldova, in other countries or as part of international organizations, of which at least 5 years in the position of prosecutor or judge or 8 years in the position of lawyer or prosecuting officer. They must be Moldovan nationals, speak Romanian, be a bachelor or a master of law, have an irreproachable reputation and no criminal convictions.

Alexandru Stoianoglo was suspended from the post of persecutor general at the beginning of October 2021. He was ultimately dismissed at the end of this September. The post is now held on an interim basis by Ion Munteanu, who was preceded in the same position by Dumitru Robu.

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