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Two categories of household consumers will pay full gas rate

Two of the seven energy vulnerability categories – primary and no vulnerability – will pay the full gas rate, which is currently 18.07 lei per cubic meters, VAT included. The compensated energy prices for household consumers, applied between November 2023 and March 2024, are specified in a Government decision.

For natural gas, the compensation will be applied for a consumption of 180 m3/month. Depending on the vulnerability category, consumers will pay the following rates:

Extreme – 12 lei/m3
Very high – 12.2 lei/m3
High – 12.4 lei/m3
Average – 12.6 lei/m3
Low – 17 lei/m3
Primary – regulated price/supplier price (18.07 lei/m3)
No vulnerability – regulated price/supplier price (18.07 lei/m3).

According to the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, most of the beneficiaries included in the extreme category and the category of very high vulnerability will benefit from compensation in the form of a monthly monetary payment of 800 lei or also from compensation in the form of a monthly monetary payment and the compensation in invoice capped at 90m3/month.

Heating will be compensated up to a ceiling of 1.3 Gcal/month or up to a ceiling of 0.9 Gcal/month for households that have established the right to compensation in the form of a monthly monetary payment, to ensure the following guaranteed prices:

Extreme – 1450 lei/Gcal
Very high – 1475 lei/Gcal
High – 1500 lei/Gcal
Average – 1525 lei/Gcal
Low – 2100 lei/Gcal
Primary – 2900 lei/Gcal
No vulnerability – regulated tariff (3267 lei/Gcal – Termoelectrica).

Compensation for electricity will be granted for a maximum of 1,500 kWh per month or 750 kWh/month in the case of beneficiaries of compensation in the form of a monthly monetary payment, for domestic consumers who cumulatively meet the following conditions:

1. electricity represents the main source of heating during the cold season, as per the submitted application; 2. household consumers recorded an average monthly electricity consumption of at least 250 kWh/month during the previous cold season; 3. household consumers are not connected to the district heating system or recorded an average monthly consumption of heating lower than 0.3 Gcal/month during the previous cold season; 4. household consumers recorded a natural gas consumption of less than 50 m3 per month during the previous cold season.

For electricity, the following rates apply:

Extreme – 1.54 lei / kWh
Very high – 1.74 lei / kWh
High – 1.94 lei / kWh
Average – 2.14 lei / kWh
Low – 2.34 lei / kWh
Primary – 2.54 lei / kWh
No vulnerability – regulated price (2.39 lei/kWh – Premier Energy 2.88 lei/kWh – FEE Nord).

Until present, around 635,000 applications have been submitted on the platform. Citizens still have time to submit their online application until November 25 to receive compensation for the month of November. The application can be submitted after November 25 as well, but the compensations will be granted starting the following month.

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