U.S. Ambassador: I feel safe in Moldova and there is no immediate military threat

The U.S. Ambassador in Chisinau Kent D. Logsdon said the Republic of Moldova is a safe country even if it is situated close to a theater of war. For now, there is no information about an eventual threat to Moldova’ security. The United States will offer support to the Republic of Moldova, especially in the eventuality of a new wave of refugees. Also, the U.S. will continue to support Moldova’s economy that was seriously affected by the military aggression against Ukraine, IPN reports.

The diplomat noted that the security risks to the Republic of Moldova are constantly monitored and there is now no sign that the country can be involved in the war. The U.S. will continue offering financial and logistical support to Moldova so as to help it cope with the crises generated by the extension of the war into Ukraine.

“I feel safe here. My family is here with me. The Embassy works as usual. We do not possess information pointing to an immediate, direct military threat against the Republic of Moldova. It is a situation we follow each day. I think the Republic of Moldova is a country that works a lot on its resilience. It also tries to make progress in implementing the reform agenda. The Republic of Moldova can back on a strong partner, the U.S., and also on the states of the European Union. We were consistent as regards the assistance offered to Ukraine. We consider that in the future it is important to help the international community get ready for any type of activities as a new wave of refugees can appear. We will continue to work with those from the border, with the law enforcement agencies and will help them with more intense communication and more equipment,” Kent D. Logsdon stated in the talk show “Expertise Hour” on JurnalTV channel.

The ambassador said that his country appreciates the intensification of the dialogue between Chisinau and Tiraspol following the provocative incidents witnessed in the Transnistrian region. The diplomat said the U.S. insists on the peaceful settlement of the Transnistrian conflict by identifying a special status for the Transnistrians region within the internationally recognized borders.

“The incidents in the separatist Transnistrian region worried us. It was very important that the administration from the right side and that from the left side made sure that the incidents didn’t escalate. We were assured throughout the period of the war in Ukraine that the two sides are in a constant dialogue and we see the meetings in the 1+1 format with the negotiators are held despite the tensions and difficulties exiting between the two partners. If the war in Ukraine continues for a long period of time, it is very important for the Republic of Moldova to think about its own security. The 5+2 format is now the only one we have at our disposal. The 5+2 format under the administration of the OSCE should be continued. Surely, we will have to think about something new after the conflict in Ukraine. We consider a special status should be agreed for Transnistria within this integral and sovereign state, the Republic of Moldova,” said Kent D. Logsdon.

The ambassador noted the U.S. supports the economic development of the Republic of Moldova, including through the USAID program to the value of US$35 million that was launched recently. The program aims to improve the business and commercial climate in Moldova amid the regional crisis.

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