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United through music. Great Children’s Choir sang in National Opera House square

The Great Children’s Choir, consisting of 1,500 voices, sang on Sunday in the square of the National Opera House at a concert dedicated to the International Children’s Day and the 35th anniversary of the adoption of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. According to the organizers, this event is a demonstration of unity and diversity, an opportunity to celebrate children’s talent and passion for music, IPN reports.

The event organized by UNICEF and the Ministry of Culture brought together the voices of children of Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Roma, Gagauz, Romanian ethnicities, but also of refugee children from Ukraine, who were accompanied by the National Youth Orchestra of Moldova. The conductor and founder of the orchestra, Andriano Marian, said that national and international pieces about children, family and diversity were chosen. “Any event that inspires children is very important, to show that they have a voice and are good role models for their peers,” said the founder of the Youth Orchestra.

UNICEF Country Representative in Moldova Maha Damaj said that it is an extraordinary choir that gathers together the voices of children with different backgrounds and of different ethnicities. It is an event intended also for children with disabilities so that every child has the opportunity to participate with dignity and respect. “This event reminds us that we are united today by beauty, joy and reminds us that, despite all differences, we are connected through our humanity and thus reaffirm our commitment to building a world that will be more just, inclusive and compassionate and committed to respecting children’s rights and dignity,” said Maha Damaj.

Conductor Elena Marian, head of the Musical-Choral Association, said that, despite “all the differences that separate us, music has the power to unify, giving us a common platform where we can cooperate”. “Any choir represents the essence of inclusion and musical democracy. For a choir every voice counts, every choir member makes a valuable contribution, creating something absolutely wonderful together,” stated the conductor.

Prime Minister Dorin Recean highlighted the talent and dedicated work that choir member and their teachers do. “This talent makes us, the Republic of Moldova, known all over the world. I will just wish you to continue with the same stubbornness, to prove that the Republic of Moldova has talents. The Republic of Moldova knows how to contribute to the global talent,” said the official.

The event involved about 30 choirs and over 20 conductors from Chisinau, Ciorescu, Ialoveni, Orhei, Leova, Glodeni, Cahul, Soroca and Balti.

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