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Victor Chironda: Functionaries of Chisinau City Hall want to demolish Național Hotel

Functionaries of the Chisinau City Hall led by mayor Ion Ceban are close to completing a new phase of the “special operation” to demolish Național Hotel, ex-deputy mayor Victor Chironda stated in a news conference at IPN.

Victor Chironda reminded that works to delimit and fence the area were reported near Național Hotel on May 20. He said those works at the end of the week aroused his curiosity as the proceedings initiated a year ago following the issuing of the demolition permit, the news conferences in which he informed about the violations committed by functionaries of the City Hall and his dismissal continue and the investigations also go on. The started detailed urbanistic plan hasn’t been completed and approved. The Public Property Agency didn’t provide a clear response or didn’t finish the investigation into the situation. But the demolition works were begun.

Victor Chironda said the Chisinau City Hall has never reacted so swiftly to a fence, building side or surrounding of a public area, if only following protests, the coming of dwellers or the press. In a press release, the City Hall said that the fencing works haven’t been authorized and persons in charge travelled to the scene for inspections. But this is actually an attempt by the City Hall to mimic a repeat of the current procedures.  

The former deputy mayor noted that during two years while he had held office, being in charge of the area, revoking a permit turned out to be impossible from legal viewpoint. The revocation ordinance was usually challenged in court by the beneficiary and the court decided that that the permit is valid. After the court annuls this ordinance, an irrevocable decision is passed, saying the beneficiary has a permit and has the right to demolish or build, depending on the type of permit.

Victor Chironda presented a copy of the demolition permit that was signed last June by deputy mayor Ilie Ceban after he refused to sign it. The permit allows starting the works within six months of the issuing date. The works should not exceed 12 months.

“It seems that the demolition works haven’t started since last June, when this permit was issued, and, respectively, the permit is no longer in force. But the City Hall does not say that the Technical Surveillance Agency informed it that Moldova Tur notified the Technical Surveillance Agency of the start of the works by a statement submitted on 25.06.2021. From legal viewpoint, this means that the works started on time and the permit is valid as 12 months haven’t passed yet. The permit is valid until 25.06.2022, which is for 12 months. What do we have as a result? I’m sure that the second act of this wonderful ballet staged by functionaries of the City Hall will follow. Moldova Tur will challenge this ordinance made by the mayor general (to revoke the demolition permit, e.n.) in court and will evidently win the case as any judge will analyze the situation from legal viewpoint. It goes to an issued administrative document that was observed without violations,” stated Victor Chironda.

The Chisinau City Hall on May 21 announced that it will issue an ordinance to revoke the authorization to demolish Național Hotel after works to fence the area were noticed in the neighborhood.

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