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Viorica Dumbrăveanu: Way in which Ion Chicu acted made me join his team

Ex-minister of health, labor and social protection Viorica Dumbrăveanu said she would have never accepted to join the team of the PSRM as her values are different from those promoted by Igor Dodon’s party. She yet joined the team of ex-Premier Ion Chicu as she shares his views concerning the economic development model for the country, IPN reports.

Viorica Dumbrăveanu said she always preferred to work as a technocrat, but now believes time has come for her to become involved in politics.

“In time, I received offers to joint political parties, but I every time refused. Now the decision to become involved in politics is an assumed one. It is a new party, not a party of the existing ones. It consists of people who have professional experience behind and they worked both for public and private institutions,” Viorica Dumbrăveanu stated in the program “Fourth Power” on N4 channel.

The ex-minister noted the work as part of the Chicu Government inclined the balance in favor of her involvement in politics. Even if she is now an adviser on social issues to Speaker Zinaida Grechanyi, she does not form part of the PSRM’s team as she does not embrace the same values.

“In the course of 2020, I worked with Mister Chicu in critical conditions and the way he acted made me take this decision. If you analyze the list of current members, you will see that a large part of them do not have political experience. The party is of the center-right and is the opposite of the PSRM. It has clear European integration views. We aim not to go from one extreme to another with populist initiatives, but to come up with concrete economic development ideas,” she stated.

Viorica Dumbrăveanu served as a minister of health, labor and social protection in November 2019 – December 2020, being earlier adviser on social issues to ex-President Igor Dodon.

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