Vlad Batrîncea: Abuses are committed in Moldova under state of emergency

The state of emergency in Moldova is maintained artificially as the government under the state of emergency can take non-transparent decisions by avoiding parliamentary debates, said the executive secretary of the Party of Socialists Vlad Batrîncea, Deputy Speaker of Parliament. According to him, through the agency of the Commission for Exceptional Situations, on the pretext of the war in Ukraine, the PAS government non-transparently manages the public funds, IPN reports.

The Deputy Speaker noted that the recurrent extension of the state of emergency is an abuse by the PAS government. The state of emergency allows excluding Parliament from the decision-making process, but the legislative body is the supreme representative body of the state. No country that borders Ukraine keeps the state of emergency for so long.

“The state of emergency is abused in the Republic of Moldova so that they can control the judiciary system and can take financial decisions against the law, not by transparent parliamentary procedures, but through the agency of the Commission for Exceptional Situations. This commission consists of representatives of the PAS and these take decisions concerning billions of lei from the national public budget by excluding Parliament. It goes to the capitalization of Energocom, which hasn’t been discussed and generates serious questions, the purchase of natural gas from Poland at a price that was initially kept secret and it later became known that this price is too high for the Republic of Moldova. Under the state of emergency, the principle of transparency is violated. Parliamentary debates are not held and the citizens of the Republic of Moldova don’t know how the money is used,” Vlad Batrîncea stated in the talk show “Reflection Points” on Vocea Basarabiei station.

Asked if Moldova would have enjoyed the support of the foreign partners if it had been managed by a pro-Russian government of the left, Vlad Batrîncea said the PAS uses the foreign assistance to polish up its image. The Western partners help the Moldovan citizens, not the authorities.

“I communicate with the partners from Europe not less than the government does. The European partners every time underline that they help the citizens of the Republics of Moldova, not political parties. When someone tries to capitalize politically on this subject, this is something unhealthy in the relationship with the Europeans. All the countries in the region received support. This is not support intended exclusively for the Republic of Moldova. It is manipulation to say that some are good-looking and good and therefore receive aid. They should not parasitize on this support received from international organizations. The government should boast of their own accomplishments, of economic results,” noted the Deputy Speaker.

The President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen announced in Chisinau last week that the European Union has put together an additional energy support package for the Republic of Moldova. It is pledging €200 million to help Moldova meet its gas supply needs. This will consist of €100 million in grants and €100 million in loans. It will also provide an additional €50 million for budgetary support to Moldova. This will help provide support to those most vulnerable.

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