Vlad Batrîncea: There is a mutual agreement on formation of PSRM-PCRM bloc

A mutual agreement on the creation of the Bloc “Socialists and Communists” was reached following preliminary negotiations between the leaders of the PSRM and PCRM, Igor Dodon and Vladimir Voronin, Socialist MP Vlad Batrîncea posted on his Facebook page, being quoted by IPN.

According to him, such aspects as the staff, organization and legal issues are yet to be agreed.

Vlad Batrîncea also said that the PSRM will convoke its National Council for May 13, 11am, to take “a decision of principle”.

Last week the Party of Communists announced that Vladimir Voronin will negotiate with Igor Dodon the formation of a common electoral bloc. As a result of a meeting of the party’s administration, the Communists said the decision is dictated by the “danger” that the “unionist forces of the right” will take over as a result of the snap parliamentary elections of July 11.

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