Wife of convicted man says her husband is subject to physical and psychological pressure in jail

The convicts in Moldova are held in inhuman conditions and this is proven by the responsible bodies. The situation is more difficult in the case of detainees who have an active civil position, like Grigore Băieșu. His lawyer Dorin Cojocaru said that his client since 2014, when he was convicted, has had an active position. He often files complaints and petitions about the illegalities committed by prison employees and about the inhuman detention conditions. As a result, he and his family suffer the consequences.

In a news conference at IPN, Veronica Băieșu said that her husband was arrested in 2013. Since then, he has revealed the illegalities to which he has been subjected. “He was beaten in jail. He was held in basements with his bare feet in water and in other conditions that had an impact on his health and on the family members,” related the woman. They made multiple approaches to the Ministry of Justice and the Prosecutor’s Office, but the answers were formal – that the facts invoked in complaints cannot be confirmed.

“I had to leave the country together with our small child so as to protect him from the persons owing to whose action we were subject to pressure and threats. As the responsible bodies haven’t become involved since 2013, we became injured parties owing to the criminal underworld. Criminal cases were started, but no concrete responses have been yet provided,” said Veronica Băieșu. The woman noted she presented proofs and managed to obtain protection for witnesses, but only on paper.

“We do not say we are angels or are perfect. Each person makes mistakes in life, as Grigore did. He made a mistake, but admitted his guilt and regrets a lot. He was convicted by the state. Neither the Constitution, nor the Penal Code provide for the use of such pressure. He was convicted and got his sentence and should no longer be pressed psychologically so as to make him think about suicide,” said the woman, suggesting such cases are often in the national penitentiaries.

Veronica Băieșu called on the Ministry of Justice, Parliament and the Prosecutor’s Office to devote attention to this case.

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