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Young woman dies after getting into car driven by drunk man

A 17-year-old girl died after she got into a car driven by an inebriated man who didn’t have a driver’s license. The man crashed his car into a roadside tree on the Ungheni-Cetireni road, IPN reports.

According to the General Police Inspectorate, the young man was driving an Audi A4 car, coming from the direction of Cetireni village. At an instant, he lost control of the steering wheel. The car skidded off the road and crashed violently into a tree. The 17-year-old passenger died on the spot.

The police determined that the 25-year-old driver didn’t have a driver’s license. The breath test showed an alcohol concentration of 0.72 mg/l in the exhaled air, which means an advanced state of inebriation.

The young man was detained for 72 hours.

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