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Romanian language study center to be opened in Comrat

The Moldova State University will inaugurate a center for the study of the Romanian language in Comrat. The institution will enable educators and teachers from the region to gain knowledge and linguistic competence in the Romanian language. In the future, all those interested will have access to these services. The rector of the State University of Moldova Igor Sharov earlier this week met with the governor of ATU Gagauzia Irina Vlah to consider where the future center can be located, IPN reports.

Irina Vlah thanked the Moldova State University and the administration of Moldova-Institut Leipzig for the successful completion of the project to study the Romanian language that was implemented with financial support from the German Federal Foreign Office (Auswärtiges AMT) in the framework of the program “Expanding Cooperation with Civil Society in the Eastern Partnership Countries and Russia”. The implementation of the program was ensured by the National Association of European Trainers of Moldova.

According to the Moldova State University, the goal of the project was to develop and improve linguistic competence in the Romanian language for teaching and managerial staff of educational institutions of ATU Gagauzia and Taraclia, of representatives of ethnic groups.

The contest involved 121 persons and 43 teachers and managers were selected for the initial testing in Romanian, befitting from the language training program during five months.

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