Gazprom will not slash gas supply to Moldova

The Russia gas company Gazprom has announced that it will not cut the amounts of gas supplied to the metering station “Sudja” as Moldovagaz cleared the debts for the gas consumed in November. This way, the money for the amounts of gas intended for Moldovan consumers that were kept on the territory of Ukraine reached the company, IPN reports.

“At the same time, we warn about the frequent violation by the Moldovan side of the contract provisions concerning the payment for the supplied Russian natural gas. Gazprom reserves the right to cut or halt the gas supply if payments are not made on time,” the Russian company noted in a press release.

On Monday morning, the director of Moldovagaz Vadim Ceban said that the company by November 21 paid in advance 50% of the cost of natural gas supplied by Gazprom for November, in the amount of US$21.41 million.

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