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Moldovans will possess identity card

The Moldovans will be issued with a new type of IDs – an identity card that will meet the European standards in the field. This is provided in a draft law that was proposed for public consultations, IPN reports.

Under the bill, the holders of the identity card will be able to confirm their identity in Moldova and also in the states in which they will travel based on international agreements. Currently, the citizens of the Republic of Moldova can travel using Moldovan IDs in Ukraine and Turkey. When the new identity card that will incorporate biometric data of the holder is put into operation, it will be possible to extend the list of states in which the Moldovans will be able to travel freely with this ID card.

The bill suggests removing from the content of all types of IDs and permits of stay the data regarding the domicile and/or temporary residence of the holder as these data will be available in electronic form through the interoperability mechanism on the government platform “MConnect” between the State Population Register and the registers of public authorities and by ensuring access to these data from the State Population Register to legal entities of public law and private law.

The voters will present the ID card to the electoral bureau of the polling station for registering their presence at the polls and for checking their presence in the main electoral register. The “Having Voted” stamp will no longer be put on the accompanying loose leaf or on the temporary IDs, as now.

When the legislative amendments take effect, the accompanying loose leaf showing the domicile or temporary residence will no longer be issued, while the circulating loose leaves will be considered null and void. All the types of IDs issued to the citizens of the Republic of Moldovan before the issuing of the first identity card will be considered valid until their period of validity expires, if no situations when these become invalid in accordance with the law happen.

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