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Olaf Scholz: Moldova is not alone

Moldova is not alone and has Europe’s support, stated German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in confirming his attendance at the European Political Community Summit, to be held in Moldova on June 1. The event will bring together 50 European leaders who will discuss solutions for Europe’s most pressing issues. In his message, the German Chancellor stressed that the Summit will bring together the big European family in Moldova, with the EPC countries choosing peaceful cooperation, economic prosperity, respect for human rights and support for democracy. “On June 1, the European family will gather in Moldova – a family that is united in the fight for peaceful cooperation, for economic prosperity, for human rights and for democracy. We believe that war no longer has a place in Europe. We are addressing those who are suffering from aggression and threats from Moscow. This is the strong message that the Summit of the European Political Community will convey. This is why Moldova has all our support. This is why Moldova is not alone”, Olaf Scholz was quoted as saying. The EPC summit will take place on June 1 at Mimi Castle, about 35 kilometers southeast of Chisinau.

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