Igor Grosu at start of autumn session: We have an ambitious parliamentary agenda

“We have an ambitious parliamentary agendaand will be able to implement it successfully only if we combine forces and make good laws for all the people, either they are in the country or in the diaspora,” Parliament Speaker Igor Grosu stated at the first sitting of the autumn session, IPN reports.

The official noted that this is the most responsible period in the history of the Republic of Moldova. “2023 is a year when we must irreversibly advance in all the areas – justice, the economy, energy, security, foreign policy. We must do our homework well and this primarily depends on us, on each functionary, on each citizen,” noted Igor Grosu.

According to him, energy security, the reforms in the justice sector and the fight against corruption, the economic development of the country and creation of new jobs, modernization of infrastructure and improvement of the quality of life in Moldova’s localities remain high on the list of legislative priorities. It is also important to continue the parliamentary control over the implementation of the Moldova – EU Association Agenda and emphasis will be placed on the progress made in harmonizing the national legislation with the EU’s legislation.

Among other priories, the Speaker mentioned the education of a high quality, sustainable agriculture, modernization of the health system, protection and extension of wooded areas. “These are important areas and we must succeed in doing sufficient reforms so as to achieve our medium-term objective, which is the joining of the European Union until 2030. For the first time over the last three decades, we not only have hopes for a better future, but also trust that we have the chance and duty to bring Moldova into the European Union,” stated Igor Grosu.

The legislative body on Thursday convened for the first sitting of the autumn session that was inaugurated by playing the state anthem that was sung by the choir “Baled” of Măgdăcești village of Criuleni district, which is a laureate of national and international contests, being directed by Diana Maxim-Ciutac.

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