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Moldova should have capacity to submit projects to 3SI, opinions

The presence of Maia Sandu at the Three Seas Initiative Summit represented a message of openness for the Republic of Moldova, said CUB leader Igor Munteanu, who approved of the fact that Moldova is increasingly connected to great international projects. For his part, ex-minister of defense Anatol Șalaru said the Moldovan authorities should have the capacity to submit projects to modernize infrastructure within the 3SI so as to obtain financing from the foreign development partners, IPN reports.

On Wednesday, President Sandu took part in the Three Seas Initiative Summit that was held at the Cotroceni Palace in Bucharest, where Moldova was invited to join in as an associated participating state.

“We received the invitation to become an associated state of this initiative. As part of this construct, each of the states proposes projects that reflect their infrastructure development priorities and looks for resources for their implementation. The money does not appear out of the blue. There are such backers as the EU, international banks, particular governments that are interested in the success of this initiative, such as the U.S., which from the very first day has lent a hand to help this initiative develop. Our country’s entrance through the presence of Maia Sandu in Bucharest points to openness and potential. But we will rejoice at the results only when we learn that the Republic of Moldova presented five or ten concrete projects and the banks positively responded to these projects and there was lobby from the friendly governments, such as those of Romania, Poland, and the train this way set off,” the chairman of the Coalition for Unity and Wellbeing (CUB) Igor Munteanu stated in the program “Emphasis on Today” on TVR Moldova channel.

Former minister of defense Anatol Șalaru said that even if the declared goal of the 3SI is to develop infrastructure projects, they actually aim to reduce the Kremlin’s influence in the Black Sea region and Moldova should profit from the favorable contest and obtain financing for as many projects as possible. “For now, the Republic of Moldova is not a fully-fledged member. Greece will be the 13th participating state of the Three Seas Initiative. I ascertained with satisfaction that the administration of the Republic of Moldova became involved in geopolitics, even if they said that they will not do this and will fight corruption only. However, geopolitics is very important in the current context and the Republic of Moldova is a country that achieved remarkable successes at foreign level in the recent past. The Three Seas Initiative, even if does not pursue any military goal and has only economic goals, actually aims to reduce Russia’s superiority in the Black Sea Region,” stated Anatol Șalaru, noting that the Black Sea should become an internationals sea, not Russia’s sea.

At the 3SI Summit in Bucharest, President Maia Sandu said that the Republic of Moldova is prepared to contribute to Europe’s connectivity and unity. “Our goal against instability is to be more connected to each other, to ensure that infrastructure is secured and we have access to more energy resources,” noted the official.

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