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Future doctors visit CNAM on Doors Open Day

Students of the Center of Excellence in Medicine and Pharmacy “Raisa Pacalo” and of “Nicolae Testemiţanu” State University of Medicine and Pharmacy familiarized themselves with the mandatory health insurance system of Moldova within the Doors Open Day at the National Health Insurance Company (CNAM). The institution’s director general Ion Dodon said that in 2004, when the mandatory health insurance was introduced, the health system collected 900 million lei. This year, the health instance budget is of over 14 billion lei and over half of this sum is planned for hospital medical assistance, IPN reports. CNAM finances practically all the types of medical assistance, starting from pre-hospital emergency medical assistance. Over 1 billion lei of the 14 billion lei goes to the National Pre-Hospital Emergency Medical Assistance Center. Special attention is devoted to medicines and medical devices. The budget for medicines also increased, to over 1 billion lei this year. Sanda Jechiu, a five-year-student at the Center of Excellence in Medicine and Pharmacy “Raisa Pacalo”, said that it was an interactive visit with information that each person should know. “I will definite work in the health system, especially because I see great progress in this sector in the Republic of Moldova. I would like my mates to also stay in the country so that we together contribute to strengthening this system,” stated the young woman. Teodora Buzut, a first-year student of “Nicolae Testemiţanu” State University of Medicine and Pharmacy, noted that it is important to be informed both as a taxpayer and as a beneficiary of the health insurance system, while the visit to CNAM allowed her to know new things that will be useful in her activities. The Doors Open Day was staged on the occasion of the 22nd anniversary of the founding of the National Health Insurance Company.

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