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Igor Grosu: We are very well prepared for coming winter

The Republic of Moldova is very well prepared for the 2023-2024 winter season, said Parliament Speaker Igor Grosu. According to him, the authorities made effort for the country not to experience a new energy crisis and Moldova is no longer dependent on Gazprom in terms of gas supplies, while the artificial debts invoked by the Russian company will not be paid by the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, IPN reports.

The Speaker noted that the state institutions are ready to cope with the new heating season. Energocom purchases natural gas to ensure all companies’ nondiscriminatory access to the gas transmission networks that were transferred under the management of Transgaz Romania and the EBRD.

“After the last two years, we are now prepared the best. We are no longer at the mercy of Gazprom, which promised cheap gas, but in October-November this gas vanished and didn’t reach us in the promised amount. In this regard, we are very well prepared. We already separated the operator that deals with gas transmission. The decision takes effect on September 19. Not Moldovagaz, but another company will provide gas transportation services on the territory of the Republic of Moldova,” Igor Grosu stated in the public TV channel.

The official said an international dispute with the Russian gas giant Gazprom is not excluded if Russia insists on the payment of unjustified debts.

“We paid for what we consumed. Some tried to earn money at our expense, inventing debts, penalties. Others didn’t pay at all. We paid the bill for what we consumed. We are modest and smalls, but paid our bills. We will not recognize what we didn’t consume. We will present all the arguments in international courts. We will also present other arguments, like the unjustified decline in the supplied amounts out of the blue. We prepared very well in the eventuality of an international dispute,” explained Igor Grosu.

Recently, Energocom announced that it bought about 300 million cubic meters of natural gas that will be used for current consumption and a part will be stored. The weighted average purchase price of gas at acquisition points paid by Energocom was about 400 USD/1 000 m3.

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