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Moldova intensifying relations with OECD

The Moldovan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration is working together with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development on memorandum of understanding in an effort to intensify relations, Minister Nicu Popescu told reporters on Thursday after a seminar dedicated to the prospects of OECD cooperation.

“Today we are entering a new stage of intensifying Moldova’s international presence. We are engaged in a process of developing a more structured, deeper relationship with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, an organization that brings together 38 of the world’s most prosperous and modern states, an organization that facilitates economic cooperation between these states and an organization that plays a crucial role in states’ efforts to strengthen democracy, a functioning market economy, economic modernization and climatic transition. And traditionally, the OECD helps EU candidate countries to modernize their public administration and economies so that these countries prepare faster and more intensively for the moment of accession. In this context, we have launched this structured dialogue with the OECD”, said Nicu Popescu, Deputy Prime Minister and concurrently Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration.

“Our common goal is for both the memorandum of understanding and the action plan to be signed during this fall, at the next meeting with our colleagues and partners. But we can already announce that together with the OECD we will work to modernize the economy of the Republic of Moldova, to attract more investment, to strengthen our administrative capacities and to step up our accession to the European Union together with the OECD”, declared Nicu Popescu.

William Tompson, head of the Eurasia Division in the OECD Global Relations Secretariat, said that today a step was taken to bring Moldova closer to the basic activities of the OECD and to bring the country closer to the basic bodies of this organization. The Memorandum of Understanding is a form of collaboration very rarely used by the OECD in relation to its non-member states, and the speed with which the OECD member states responded to the desire to sign this Memorandum of Understanding with Moldova is proof of the gratitude of the country’s commitment to the reforms it needs.

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