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Adrian Dupu: Romania’s assistance for Moldova does not depend on citizens’ political preferences

Adrian Dupu, secretary of state at the Department for Relations with the Republic of Moldova, said Romania’s assistance for our country is unconditional and disinterested and does not take into account the political preferences of the Moldovan citizens. He gave as example the COVID-19 vaccines donated by Romania, which were distributed also to the Transnistrian region and to ATU Gagauzia, IPN reports.

The new secretary of state at the Department for Relations with the Republic of Moldova expressed his disappointment at the fact that Romania’s projects are promoted less by the media in Moldova. For this reason, the Moldovans don’t know much about the Romanian assistance.

“Romania does a lot, but not much is known about this. Romania’s assistance was felt primarily during this black period for the whole mankind. The vaccines from Romania were the first vaccines that the Republic of Moldova received. The assistance that consisted of medicines and medical equipment also made a difference. There is no other more consistent assistance for the Republic of Moldova from elsewhere. But this is made known initially and that’s all,” Adrian Dupu stated in the talk show “Emphasis on Today” on TVR Moldova channel.

Moreover, Adrian Dupu said Bucharest offers unconditional support to Chisinau, regardless of the political color of the Governments of Moldova and without discriminating against the Moldovan citizens based on their political preferences.

“Romania has always supported the Republic of Moldova without taking into account the political situation in the country. We supported the citizens. For us, the political developments do not matter. The citizens matter, regardless of their political preferences. Vaccines went to Tiraspol and also to Gagauzia. The kindergartens were built for everyone,” stated Adrian Dupu.

Adrian Dupu took up his duties at the start of March. Earlier, he served as a secretary of state at the Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure and Communications of Romania.

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