Antimafie urges unionists to support PAS in July 11 elections

The Antimafie People’s Movement call on the Party of Action and Solidarity to immediately initiate a dialogue with the unionist and pro-European parties so as to identify the conditions and compensatory measures for their non-participation in the campaign prior to the snap parliamentary elections of July 11. A letter with such a call was addressed to President Maia Sandu, the Party of Action and Solidarity and unionist parties, IPN reports.

Antimafie leader Sergiu Mocanu believes the unionists should refuse to take part in the elections if they are offered to manage particular ministries, depending on the negotiations. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research should be mandatorily among these.

As Antimafie suggested, the PAS should undertake to initiate the insolvency procedure at Moldova’s Railways immediately after the Government is formed. The company can be sold by direct talks with the National Railways Company “CFR” of Romania. Also, within three months of the formation of the Government, the PAS should take diplomatic action to change the format of Transnistrian conflict settlement talks so as to include Romania as a fully-fledged member in the current “5+2” format. President Maia Sandu should assume the role of guarantor of the observance of an agreement that will contain these and eventually other provisions proposed by the participants in the negotiations.

Antimafie considers the snap parliamentary elections that, by definition, represent a large-scale political, social and economic crisis, should be tackled very responsibly. This crisis leaves very limited maneuvering space to all the political parties, from those with incontestable electoral chances to those with slim chances. The electoral threshold of 5% could exclude tens of thousands of votes of pro-Europeans and unionists. This will enable the pro-Russian parties to gain a larger number of seats of MP in the future Parliament. Such a populist party as Our Party that is led by adventurer with a criminal past Renato Usatyi can obtain an electoral score that would force President Maia Sandu to nominate him for premiership either as the representative of an alliance of pro-Russian parties or as the representative of a conjunctural alliance between  Our Party and PAS. In both of the cases, the rule of law, democracy and the international relations of the Republic of Moldova can collapse for an indefinite period of time.

The letter was addressed to President Maia Sandu, acting president of the PAS Igor Grosu, PL leader Dorin Chirtoacă, secretary general of the PNL Ion Calmîc, PPPDA leader Andrei Năstase, PUN leader Octavian Țîcu, USB leader Valeriu Munteanu and AUR Moldova leader Vlad Biletski.

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