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Appointments for high-performance medical services to be made online

The medically insured Moldovans canschedule an appointment for high-performance medical servicespurchased by the National Health Insurance Company (CNAM) through the information system “Reporting and Recording of Medical Services” (SIRSM) exclusively. In 2023, the Company classified and stipulated 20 chapters of high-performance services in the contracts signed with providers, such as computed tomography, nuclear magnetic resonance imaging and laboratory services, CNAM director general Ion Dodon told a news conference.

The National Medical Diagnosis Center is the largest provider of high-performance medical services. The value of the contract signed with this institution is 90.8 million lei, by about 21 million lei more than the value of the contract signed at the beginning of 2022.

“This enables us to provide a much larger number of services to ensured persons and to also extend the range of provided services. It goes to different types of medical services that are very costly, such as magnetic resonance imaging, nuclear medicine, computed tomography, upper and lower endoscopy and laboratory investigations that are available at national institutions,” said Boris Băluțel, director of the National Medical Diagnosis Center.

The medically insured persons can make appointments for free ambulatory high-performance medical services online, through SIRSM. The patient needs to introduce the IDNP and the single code from the referral ticket. The next steps can be seen on the CNAM website. In the information system, appointments can be scheduled for a period of up to three months.

For the provision of high-performance medical services in 2023, the CNAM signed contracts with 34 public providers and 31 private providers. The total value of the contracts is about 255 million lei, at the start of the year.

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