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Balti: Three potential mayoral candidates request subscription lists

Three applicants who intend to run independently for Balti mayor requested subscription lists on Friday to collect signatures from supporters. Among them is Marina Tauber.

Svetlana Colesnic, president of the, told IPN that the following potential candidates requested subscription lists:

1. Marina Tauber, independent candidate
2. Marina Kravchenko, independent candidate
3. Arina Korshikova, independent candidate.

This is Marina Tauber’s second attempt to obtain subscription lists. On September 22, the Council rejected her request, citing legal rules prohibiting key members of political parties that have been declared unconstitutional from participating in elections for a period of 5 years. After the Constitutional Court suspended the ban, Marina Tauber went again to the Electoral Council.

To date, the Balti Electoral Council has registered six mayoral candidates:

1. Sergiu Burlacu, Liberal Democratic Party
2. Vladimir Rusu, Action and Solidarity Party
3. Alexandru Gustoi, Communist Party
4. Ion Straciuc, Acasa Construim Europa Party
5. Maxim Moroșan, Socialist Party
6. Aureliu Filipp, Development and Consolidation Party.

To run for mayor, candidates must be Moldovan citizens that are at least 23 years old and have at least compulsory general education. A candidate may run on behalf of a political party, electoral bloc or independent. At the same time, citizens can simultaneously run for both mayor and local councilor, not in several constituencies of the same level. Registration can be sought until October 6 inclusive.

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