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Decree to dissolve Parliament signed

President Maia Sandu signed the decree to dissolve Parliament. The announcement was made by President Sandu in the evening of April 28 after the Constitutional Court ruled that the Parliament decision to declare a state of emergency is unconstitutional. The snap parliamentary elections will be held on July 11, IPN reports.

In a press briefing, Maia Sandu said that by this decision, the way for the citizens to elect a new Parliament that will serve their interests was opened. The power is in the people’s hands. “The power is in your hands. I’m confident that our citizens will choose the correct path towards building a developed and democratic state in which the people will live in peace and welfare,” said President Sandu.

According to her, the elections will take place on July 11. “After the elections, we will name a responsible government that will be backed by a stable majority and we will improve things in the country,” said Maia Sandu, noting that the Government is to allocate money from the state budget for organizing and holding the snap parliamentary elections.

The Parliament decision by which a state of emergency was instituted for the period between April 1 and May 30 was declared unconstitutional. The CC’s decision is final, cannot be disputed, takes effect when it is adopted and is published in the Official Gazette. CC judges Vladimir Țurcan formulated a separate opinion in this case, but this hasn’t been published yet.

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