Igor Grosu about post-electoral alliance: We will have to leave campaign angers aside

The Party of Action and Solidary is considering a post-electoral alliance with the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform”, said the party’s acting president Igor Grosu. According to him, a coalition between the two components of the former bloc ACUM would be a healthy pro-European alliance. Regardless of the results of the July 11 elections, solutions should be identified to form a government coalition that would vote in the Government and would adopt the state budget laws, IPN reports.

Igor Grosu noted an alliance with the PPPDA is welcome after the July 11 elections. He laughed at the mayor of Sângerei, of the PAS, who in a meeting with Renato Usatîi spoke about a possible post-electoral alliance between the PAS and Our Party. “We are ready to form an alliance with the PPPDA. They are our traditional partners. We have experience of cooperating with them and know the advantages and disadvantages of each side. Our mate from Sângerei, who spoke about a post-electoral alliance with Usatîi, was wrong. We agreed that we will now focus on the July 11 vote and will decide what to do next on July 12,” Igor Grosu stated in the program “Fourth Power” on N4 channel.

The scenario of new snap elections after July 11 if a Government is not formed is excluded. The PAS leader is sure that a parliamentary majority will exist after the elections and this will vote in a Government. “No matter what the election outcome is, we will have to find a solution. The cold period is coming and we must enter the new year with an adopted budget and with a plenipotentiary Government that would negotiate with the IMF. We will have to mobilize after the elections and to leave the campaign angers aside as maturity and the public interests must prevail,” said Igor Grosu.

Nineteen candidates have been registered as contenders in the July 11 snap parliamentary elections, while the files of another five candidates are under examination. This way, at most 24 contestants will compete in the upcoming elections.

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