Maia Sandu: CC decision is natural and was predicable

The decision by which the Constitutional Court ascertained the circumstances that justify the dissolution of Parliament is natural and was predictable, President Maia Sandu stated in a press briefing, being quoted by IPN.

The official said that both of the conditions for announcing snap elections were met – Parliament hadn’t voted in a Government during three months and the two attempts to invest an executive failed.

“Today we took an important step towards giving the citizens the possibility of electing a Parliament that would really represent them and a Government that would work efficiently for the health and welfare of the citizens. The CC decision opened up the way for snap parliamentary elections. The snap elections are imminent and cannot be avoided,” stated Maia Sandu.

She noted that time has come to end one of the most corrupt Parliaments in the history of the Republic of Moldova. “A Parliament captured by schemes and private interests. A Parliament that turned its back to the people, impoverished them and humiliated them. It’s time to leave this sad episode in the country’s history behind and to go determinedly towards the future. As we promised to the citizens, we will go towards snap elections and will offer the people the chance of electing a new Parliament that would work for the people,” she stated.

Maia Sandu said the snap elections should be held as swiftly as possible, given the pandemic situation. “A new Parliament does not mean only stopping of stealing and ensuring of responsible governance. A new Parliament means resetting of state institutions, clearing of agencies, ministries, inspectorates, state-owned enterprises and law enforcement agencies of corrupt persons. A new Parliament means the justice sector reform, clearing of the prosecution services of corrupt persons and promotion of honest judges who would do justice and would abide by the law only. It means stable development of the country and proper spending of public funds. It means respect for the citizens. It means building and modernization of the country, coming closer to the EU and European living standards,” said the President of Moldova.

She noted the state of emergency cannot be used as a shield for the PSRM-Shor Party coalition to vote some more schemes and put off the meeting with the people at the polls. The people will not accept such political tricks that are related to own interests, not to the public interest.

Maia Sandu said she will soon sign the decree to dissolve Parliament and to announce snap parliamentary elections so as to fulfill a wish of the people of this country.  

The Constitutional Court on April 15 ruled that there are circumstances that justify the dissolution of Parliament. It noted that the impossibility of forming the Government, in accordance with Article 85, paragraphs 1 and 2 of the Constitution, is ascertained as a circumstance that justifies the dissolution of Parliament of the tenth legislature. The decision is definitive, cannot be channeled, takes effect when it is adopted and is published in the Official Gazette. Two separate opinions on the decision were formulated by Vladimir Țurcan and Sergey Țurcan (dissident opinion).

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