Maia Sandu: Moldova and Romania reestablish brotherly and open interaction

During these days, the Republic of Moldova starts a new stage at internal level and also at the level of its foreign policy. It is the stage of overcoming of social isolation and of connection to the European space, to its neighbors and strategic partners. It is a stage of restoration of the Strategic Partnership between Moldova and Romania for the European Integration, President Maia Sandu stated in a press beefing held together with her Romanian counterpart Klaus Iohannis, who paid a visit to Chisinau, IPN reports.

President Sandu said Moldova and Romania as from today will reestablish the brotherly and open interaction. Romania has been near Moldova since the first day of independence. It supported Moldova at all the levels – economic, political, diplomatic, cultural, educational. “I want to thank you for this role played by Romania in the development of the Republic of Moldova,” stated the official.

During almost three decades, Romania renovated in Moldova kindergartens, cultural facilities and even whole villages. Tens of thousands of children and young people of Moldova studied at lyceums and universities in Romania with Romanian stipends and students in hundreds of Moldovan villages can go to school by school buses donated by Romania. Romania supported cultural programs, academic exchanges, the development of the media in Moldova at governmental level and through private investments.

Maia Sandu noted that Moldova and Romania have a common language, history and culture and she would like the relationship between the two countries during the next few years to develop based on common projects for the future.

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