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Piotr Komarov: EPC Summit will open new opportunities in energy efficiency

The European Political Community will open new opportunities in energy efficiency, and the June 1 summit is an additional platform to initiate or continue the discussions that are already taking place in Europe about the need to interconnect countries, says Piotr Komarov, expert of the Alliance for Energy Efficiency and Renewables.

“This platform will open new opportunities and give us new incentives. The issues of energy efficiency, renewable energy, optimization of all processes are on the agenda both for us and for Europe overall. It is already clear that some important changes need to be made. We need to change the status quo, and in this regard, I can say that this is a very good platform that will allow not only to discuss those problems that have already gathered, but also to discuss the optimal solutions that can be found through collaboration”, Piotr Komarov said during an IPN debate on Tuesday.

On energy interconnection, the expert said that European countries are already having discussions and taking steps towards the centralization of heating systems, including among several countries. “While we in Moldova are talking about centralized systems for cities or localities, then in European countries there are already discussions about the centralization of these systems among several countries”, says Piotr Komarov.

Piotr Komarov believes that the EPC summit can have an important role and open new perspectives for the sustainable development of the energy efficiency system.

“In Moldova, energy communities are still not very well developed, when several groups of people, localities can create connections within a country, can discuss effective solutions and can implement projects. I think that one of the new challenges is the creation of energy communities here in Moldova and connecting them with the energy communities of Europe”, said Piotr Komarov.

The public debate entitled “European Political Community Summit, opportunities opened up for security and energy interconnection” was staged by IPN in the framework of the project “Support for European Integration by stimulating discussion in the mass media about the European Political Community (EPC) Summit” that is supported by Soros Foundation Moldova.

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