Ana Revenco: Joint control at Leușeni-Albița point will start to be applied before Easter

The joint border control at the Leușeni-Albița border crossing point will start to be applied in April. Minister of Internal Affairs Ana Revenco said that before the Easter holidays, waiting time at this post will be considerably diminished. Moreover, the official assured that the Leova – Bumbăta border crossing point will be opened this spring and border traffic will be eased this way, IPN reports.

The minister noted that waiting time following joint border control at the Leușeni-Albița post will be reduced both for passengers and for goods. The “one-stop shop” regime will be in force from April and will contribute to easing traffic on the border.

“This agreement comes to bring a new functioning regime at the most popular border crossing point so that the waiting time is reduced. We took swift steps as such negotiations usually last for years. After the agreement was signed, we completed all the internal procedures, approved this agreement by a Government decision. In Romania, the procedure is slightly more difficult. The last stage now follows – adoption in the Parliament of Romania. We are confident that the counterparts from Romania will accelerate the process so that we have this regime brought into force before the Easter holidays. Our colleagues from the Border Police of the Republic of Moldova and Romania, from the Customs Service of the two countries already agreed the working scheme,” Ana Revenco stated in the program “Résumé with Ileana Pîrgaru” on RliveTV channel.

The minister said that given the pressure witnessed now at the border crossing points, it was decided to accelerate the works to build the Leova-Bumbăta border crossing point. Also, in concert with Romania, it was decided to set up a floating bridge between Bumbăta in Romania and Leova in the Republic of Moldova.

“The works to construct the Leova-Bumbăta border crossing point also witness positive developments. All the document-related stages were finished and we can now advance the building process. It will be a new border crossing point and a bridge will also be built there. Initially, it will be a pontoon bridge. We are confident that we will be able to open the new border crossing point this spring so as to reduce pressure on the other border crossing points,” explained the minister.

According to the Border Police, Leușeni, Sculeni and the Chisinau International Airport are the most popular border crossing points.

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