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Andrei Năstase: In next Parliament PPPDA will have a great say

The leader of the Party “Dignity and Truth” (PPPDA) Andrei Năstase is convinced that his party will enter the next Parliament and will have a great say in the formation of the government coalition. Moreover, Năstase called on all the pro-European parties to combine forces for the snap elections so that they form a majority in the next legislature, IPN reports.

According to the most recent poll carried out by the International Republican Institute, the PPPDA would be close to the limit of the election threshold of 5% of the vote. The party’s leader Andrei Năstase said the survey does not present the party’s real potential.

“What matters the most is to deliver our message to the people, to tell them what we did of what we promised and I’m sure that the PPPDA in the future Parliament will have a greater say than at present, which is a larger number of seats of MP,” Andrei Năstase stated in the talk show “Black Box” on TV8 channel.

He expressed his conviction that the scenario of an electoral bloc between the PAS and PPPDA, similar to the ACUM Bloc, is no longer possible. He called on the other pro-European parties to join forces.

“The PPPDA always pleaded for unity. Other mates considered they should go separately. We call on all the pro-European and national forces to unite. I call upon all the parties to show responsibility and to realize the fact that only united we have the chance to get rid of this toxic PSRM-Shor majority and to do our best for the next Parliament not to include criminals and thieves,” stated Andrei Năstase.

The politician also said that the PPPDA will not be in a competition with the PAS in the campaign prior to the snap parliamentary elections and his party will never use dirty means to discredit their opponents.

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