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Applications to vote at place of stay in November 5 elections can be submitted

Applications to vote at the place of stay in the November 5 general local elections can be already filed. It goes to the voters who, for health or other well-founded reasons, cannot go to the polling station. These persons can ask the electoral bureau to be allowed to vote through the mobile ballot box, IPN reports.

The Central Election Commission said applications are submitted to the electoral bureau in written form starting with two weeks before election day until 2pm of the day prior to election day. On election day, applications can be submitted until 2pm, if a medical certificate is also presented.

The persons who cannot file the application to vote at the place of stay themselves can do it through the agency of a family member or can ask the social assistant of the mayor’s office to do it. The persons with impairments, disease or those who have other well-founded reasons, who cannot sign the application to vote at the place of stay themselves, they can make a request at the polling station verbally too.  If the verbal request cannot be made at the polling station, this can be made by phone.

On election day, the head of the electoral bureau of the polling station assigns at least two staff members to travel to the voter’s place of stay with the mobile ballot box and the things needed to vote. 

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