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CEC proposes introducing ‘none’ option in runoffs

The Central Electoral Commission proposes introducing the “none of the above” option on ballots in the second rounds of presidential and mayoral elections. If such votes outnumber the votes garnered by either competitor, the election will be declared null, according to the proposal.

“There has to be clarity when the majority of the population in a certain constituency or in the country does not like no one on the ballot,” said CEC deputy chairperson Pavel Postica during an event held to present proposed amendments to the electoral and related legislation.

“Through this new proposal we are trying to offer the citizens, the voters of the Republic of Moldova, the right to decide whether the candidates running in a race deserve to occupy the post of president or mayor”, added Postica.

CEC chairperson Angelica Caraman said the elections authority is inviting suggestions and opinions on the proposed amendments until mid March. All the contributions will then be analyzed and systematized before the CEC compiles a final legislative proposal that is submitted to the relevant authorities for consideration.

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