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Desperate’ farmers threaten with new protests

The Government today approved compensations and fuel aid for farmers, but the Farmers Force Association claims the package doesn’t even cover 25% of the losses incurred by the beneficiaries.

“Due to the delay in the approval procedures, this aid will reach the agricultural producers in early October at the best. We must stress that a decision to allocate 200 million lei from the Intervention Fund for compensations hasn’t yet materialized and it is not known when the promised diesel fuel will arrive from Romania”, the Association said in a statement.

In the coming days, the Association will initiate discussions with decision-makers regarding the farmers’ demands. “If all the attempts of the Association are again ignored, we reserve the right to resort to further protest actions involving blocking of roads with agricultural machinery. As much as we hate the idea of blocking roads, the farmers are in a state of despair and see no other way out, given that our grievances fall on the Government’s deaf ears”, the statement added.

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